The Real P&W

On this page will be some interesting facts and pictures I have picked up about the Real Railroad I model.  I am also a shareholder in the real P&W, a birthday gift from my wife!

I chose to model the P&W because I love the scenery it goes through, and it’s my home town railroad.  It operates where I grew up.  The color scheme oddly grows on a person too.  Luckily, in N-Scale there is a decent selection of things to fill up rosters.  So, off we go :)

Some things about the P&W;

  • It is one of the oldest continuously operating railroads in the country.  It was incorporated in 1844 and has been going ever since.  In 1892 it was leased for 99 years to the NYNH+H and ended up as part of the Penn Central because of that.  With the troubles of the PC in the 70s, the shareholders went to court to leave the PC before it’s impending bankruptcy.  The court ruled in the PWs favor and the PW cancelled the lease on 03 Feb, 1972 and has operated independently since then.
    • For historical sake, the UP was established in 1862 and the ATSF in 1859,  youngsters in railroad years :)
  • The P&W was the first railroad to have pictures taken of a train wreck.  (I think it was an iphone… LOL)
  • The P&W was the first US railroad to buy Canadian made locomotives (MLW420 series)
  • The P&W is the coolest regional railroad in the world (ok, maybe my opinion, but it was the Regional Railroad of the Year in 1999.)


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