NMRA Div 6 Railfan Day

Howdy all,

Went to the Rio Grande Div 6 Rocky Mountain Region NMRA meeting.  We had it in Mountainair, NM, so naturally, it was a railfanning trip the whole way.  This video is a compilation of the footage I shot.  I tried to keep it below 5 minutes (I know stack trains get monotonous!).

I also added two other Videos.  A drag freight at Suwanee from 2012, and a tank train at Rio Puerco, also in 2012.



The Creative Native Hopper Car on the BNSF

Not too long ago, I had the good fortune to be out train hunting and caught a BNSF drag freight coming from the west towards Belen.  I was on Route 60 outside of Mountainair.  Much to my surprise, about midway through the train was the Creative Native hopper car.  Really glad I was able to catch it on film.

The car is about 1 min into the video, and I have shortened the video from 4 minutes down to 1:47 or so.    Enjoy!!