Bridge, Part II

Got the paint booth and airbrush all set up to make the bridge a bit more presentable.  Again, I can recommend this kit without hesitation.  It looks GREAT painted.  Cant wait to get the weathering on!

Even though my picture taking leaves alot to be desired, you can take my word for it, the detail in this kit really pops when you paint it.  It looks just great.  When the weathering is done I’m sure it will be top notch!

Details really pop with the paint... even my crappy work :)

Central Valley Model Works Bridge – fun kit!!

Plans are drawn and winter is here.   Its time to get to the train room and get to work.  That means doing something.  Didn’t feel well enough to tackle trackwork today, so I got started on the Central Valley Model Works bridge kit.  What a hoot that was to build.  It’s not the easiest, and the information from the N-Scale Railroading article (Mar/Apr 2010 Issue) helps a lot, but it’s not impossible without the article.

CVMW Truss Bridge

CVMW Truss Bridge

When done, you have a GREAT looking bridge that is very prototypical, at least from what I have seen.  I have not glued the ties/tracks down yet, because I still need to paint it, but it looks great right now.  It really makes me want to get to painting and weathering it.  I’ll add more later as I paint and finish it.  This kit is a total winner!!