Couplers and Links

My Warhammer 40k Blog – yes, I have another passion as well, it’s wargaming, both counter and cardboard and miniatures… Read more here.

NMRA Links

NMRA (National Model Railroad Association) – The premier organization for serious model railroad hobbyists!  Join now!  My member number is 143215 00.

LDSig (Layout Design SIG) – The layout designers Special Interest Group.  Very helpful when you are in the design process and throughout your MR hobby career!

OpSig (Operations SIG) – The Operations SIG.  All your answers to your operating questions.  Everything from Fast clocks, to track warrants, timetables, car cards, waybills and any scheme you can think of.


The N-Scale Community – A premier group of N-Scalers

nScale.Net Forums – Great hobby forums


Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine  –  Simply the best Electronic Magazine.  The brain-child of Joe Fugate, so you know it’s well done and First Class

Model Railroader Magazine – The best print hobby Mag there is.

N-Scale Magazine Home – A great N-Scale Specific Magazine

N Scale Railroading – Another, older (I think) N-Scale specific magazine.  Sometimes a little strange in the series article choices, but the modeling is always nice


Model RailRoad Podcast Show – Ryan Anderson’s Pod Cast and one of my two favorites.  Aimed a bit more to the beginner and always a fun time to listen to.

The Scotty Mason Show  “The EXPO Show”- Scotty Mason’s Pod Cast.  They run long, and it’s a lot like listening in to a group of guys BSing at the hobby shop, but these are serious modelers that you can learn A LOT from!

The Model Railway Show – The Fast-Paced, Thought-Provoking Podcast!  It is what it says, fast and thought provoking.  Very cool.


Digitrax – Makers of my DCC System

TCS (Train Control Systems) – Another great DCC equipment maker.  The best N-Scale decoders IMHO

Wiring for DCC by Allan Gartner

Marcus DCC for Dummies

Great Model Railroad Tools/Equipment

Fast Tracks – They sell jigs and tools to hand-lay turnouts and trackage.  They make it so easy that even a fumble-fingered goober like me can make a GREAT turnout that rivals anything store bought.  Run, don’t walk to this site if you even think a little about laying your  own track in any scale.

Micro-Mark: The Small Tool Specialists

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