Fun with Stocks… not rolling stocks

Image  Ok, so I was a little bored and decided to try my hand at creating a Stock Certificate for my model railroad.  I think the result came out pretty decently.

I was using Keynote (Apples version of PowerPoint) to do the layout, but it lacks vector text, so I had to do that portion in iDraw (A vector drawing program for the Mac.)  This was needed to do the curved text and other features.

So, of what possible use is this?  I’m not sure, like I said, I was a little bored.  I did think of things though;

  • If my layout ever gets finished, I can use them to give as mementos for people who visit the layout.
  • I can use them as ‘currency’ to determine who has seniority during an operating session (The more shares you have, the higher you are in seniority.)  You’ll get shares for helping work on the layout, building nice things and giving them to me (wow, isn’t that self-serving :) or generally helping in some way.

Here is a download link to the file in my file share, it is a PDF version

P&W Central Ct Sub Stock Certificate

If anyone needs the raw version, with everything layered and ‘editable’, let me know.  I can send it to you, or if enough people like it, I can link to that as well.

Let me know what you think, like I said, it was just a passing thing :)

Hiatus my arse… (or, the train wreck)

A pic of a train wreck goes here  Wow, that’s all I can say.  My last post on this blog was Dec 5th, 2011.  In that time, the layout became a true train wreck <sigh>.  I had to google some results for that span of time.  Here are the results;


The total number of days between Monday, December 5th, 2011 and Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 is 918 days.

This is equal to exactly 2 years, 6 months, and 5 days.
918 days is equal to 131 weeks and 1 day.
The total time span from 2011-12-05 to 2014-06-10 is 22,032 hours.
This is equivalent to 1,321,920 minutes.
You can also convert 918 days to 79,315,200 seconds.
Today is 6/10/2014 and 12/5/2011 is exactly 918 days before today.

Holy merde!!  over 1.3 million minutes.  And can you guess how much work got done on the layout?  Exactly none.  That is sad.  I have no defense.  I will say that I am on it again!

After a trip to Denver (and other places) to see Caboose Hobbies again, and my FLHS (Wig-Wag), I am re-energized.  I am ready to make a ton of mistakes and learn from them, hopefully.  I am busily sketching out new track plans, to go with the yard I already have soldered together.  This is gonna be fun… again :)

Oh, and the layout room is ship-shape again.  New vanes hung on the door blinds and everything.  Lots of cleaning and organizing done!  Well begun is half done!

Much better!

Central Valley Model Works Bridge – fun kit!!

Plans are drawn and winter is here.   Its time to get to the train room and get to work.  That means doing something.  Didn’t feel well enough to tackle trackwork today, so I got started on the Central Valley Model Works bridge kit.  What a hoot that was to build.  It’s not the easiest, and the information from the N-Scale Railroading article (Mar/Apr 2010 Issue) helps a lot, but it’s not impossible without the article.

CVMW Truss Bridge

CVMW Truss Bridge

When done, you have a GREAT looking bridge that is very prototypical, at least from what I have seen.  I have not glued the ties/tracks down yet, because I still need to paint it, but it looks great right now.  It really makes me want to get to painting and weathering it.  I’ll add more later as I paint and finish it.  This kit is a total winner!!



Sorry for the lack of postings.  Alot of things have come up recently, not the least of which is a great friend and comrade of many years having bad cancer and the death of our long time pet, Chuikov.  I’ll be back to it very soon!