Analysis Paralysis

My Yard

Playing in the yard...

Well, I had the epiphany I was waiting for.  That sounds kind of high-brow, doesn’t it?  Ok, so I finally got off my fat arse and worked on the layout.  After many fits and starts, I have finally said to heck with it and laid down the beginnings of the yard on the layout.  It’s been a long time, roughly 18 months since the benchwork was completed.  What took so long?  Analysis Paralysis is the culprit, or part of it.  Let me Explain;

Over-thinking – Yes, I admit it.  I must have read every book on track planning twice, all of Tony Koester’s books twice and 10 years worth of Model Railroader issues.   All because I wanted to “do it right this time”. I must have mulled over 50 track plans during this time trying to figure out which one was best.  I was bound and determined that this one would be right, no matter what.  Of course, I nitpicked every plan to death until I convinced myself it sucked. In truth, the more I studied, the more I could put off the doing…

Inability to learn 3rd Planit, CADRail etc. – Another time waster, trying to learn to use to a computer program to make the master plan.  Now, I work in IT, so computers are not foreign to me.  I am currently surrounded by 8 computers in the house, 2 iPads and 2 iPhones, all networked happily and running my life.  Learning 3rd Planit and the other programs should have been second nature.  Not so.  It was much easier to hit a snag, give up and come back to it a month later.  Just another way to delay and have something else to blame.

Procrastination – This always creeps in.  When I had the time, I invested it somewhere else, sometimes out of necessity, sometimes not.

Fear of failing – And last but not least, the biggy!  Abject fear of failure.  I’m afraid I’ll do it wrong and it will suck and everyone will laugh at me and say “I told you so”.  Sound childish?  Yeah, it does, but it is there.  To not admit it would be to try to fool myself, and I don’t like doing that.

So, I just wrenched up the nerves, went into the Training Room and said “To Hell with it!”  I’m going to do this my way, my style and make my mistakes.  If it’s wrong, I’ll learn from it and go on.  The great guys at the N-Scale Forum have critiqued my yard plan and after a few tweaks, I’m ready to start nailing it down so that I can move on with the mainline.

Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, I learned 3rd planit’s tricks and foibles.  I’m a planning fool now ;)

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